Be an Everyday Hero for ADEC


The work we do at ADEC would not be possible without the support of Everyday Heroes like you.

Although ADEC receives fees for services from Medicaid, that funding only provides the basics for the people we serve. For example, Medicaid funding pays for one roundtrip per day. If an individual we serve has a doctor's appointment, that counts as their one roundtrip. But that appointment only lasts an hour, maybe two. What then? If ADEC operated only on government funding, that individual would be forced to sit at home for the rest of the day, twiddling their thumbs. 

But that's not how ADEC works. At ADEC, we believe individuals deserve a life of choice and possibility. After our individuals go to their doctor's appointment, we will take them to their job at ADEC Industries or to one of our five day service locations, where they can learn new skills and catch up with friends.

We look at the fees for service we receive from Medicaid like a black crayon. It's the basics — no more, no less. When you give to ADEC, you are giving us a full box of crayons. You are adding color to the lives of the people we serve. You are making unfunded programs, like Summer Camp and guardianship, possible.

ADEC is a nonprofit that serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties. We believe that the people we serve deserve A life of their own, complete with Dignity, Employment and Community.

Thanks to the support of people like you, ADEC helps more than 1,000 individuals discover their true potential and accomplish their dreams each year. Just to give you an idea, in 2017:
  • ADEC artists sold $11,176 in artwork, earning a paycheck and a reputation.
  • 45 children with disabilities attended ADEC's summer camp.
  • ADEC helped more than 300 individuals with disabilities find meaningful work in the community.
Thank you for supporting ADEC's mission!